Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis, now in his 13th year in the NFL, has seen a reduced role in the Panthers defense (Photo via

According to the Carolina Panthers official injury report, Thomas Davis has been hampered by a rib injury since week four of the NFL regular season. Recently, Kelly Davis, the wife of Thomas Davis, disclosed to WCCB News that her husband has played the last 3-4 weeks with completely broken ribs.

Davis has yet to miss a game this season for the Carolina Panthers. In week three against the New Orleans Saints, he left the game due to a rib injury but later returned. He has played in nearly half of the defensive snaps since his injury.

According to Pro Football Talk, Steven Drummond, the Carolina Panthers spokesman, released a statement downplaying Kelly Davis’ comments.

“Thomas was listed on the report with a rib injury in Week 4 and 5, Kelly’s comments concerning his injury, while heartfelt, were overstated.”

Thomas Davis replied to Morgan Fogarty’s video with a tweet.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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