As the most hyped fight in recent years approaches, Stephen A. Smith spends the day with arguably the cockiest athlete, hell, person on the face of the planet, Floyd Mayweather.

In a battle of sports wit, Money Mayweather and Smith exchange barbs on history, beating Manny, and simply being the best. The clip below from First Take provides a glimpse into the interview and the heated debate between the crew and Michael Rapaport.

If you’re like me, then want to see Floyd Mayweather get humbled to the ultimate degree. I’m sorry but his outside the ring antics makes him almost impossible to root for, but that’s just me.

He even goes on to say he’s better than Muhammad Ali isn’t better than him because of the famous “Rope-A-Dope” and the fact that he didn’t move into another weight class. Ali was a heavyweight, what sense does it make for him to lose upwards to 20 pounds to fight in other classes?


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