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This Is Us
‘This Is Us’ seems to be recovering from a ratings dip this week as it heads into the midseason break. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ held strong at number 1 though. (NBC)

As most shows start winding down with the end of 2018, now seems like a good time to look at how the best are performing in average weekly ratings. They are sorted by their performance in the coveted 18-49 demographic. First, The Big Bang Theory has been taking two weeks off but stays strong with an average of 2.26 in the 18-49 demo. That comes along with 12.6 million viewers total, on average.

This Is Us fell from first earlier this season but has been steadily gaining ground on The Big Bang Theory since. This week, This Is Us nearly took first place, finishing with an average of 2.23 and an average total viewership of 8.9 million.

Staying at NBC, The Voice takes both the third and fifth spots after this week. The Monday episode reached an average of 1.80 with an average of 9.3 million total viewers. Then, the Tuesday episode fell to an average of 1.71 with a 9 million total viewers on average.

Finally, at fourth, CBS’ Young Sheldon slots between The Voice episodes with an average of 1.73 and an average total viewership of 10.8 million. Check out below for a full breakdown of the top 10 highest rated shows so far this season, according to viewership averages.

Top 10 2018-2019 TV Shows So Far, sorted by ratings averages, 18-49 demographic

  1. The Big Bang Theory CBS, 2.26, 12.6 million average viewers
    2. This Is Us NBC, 2.23, 8.9 million average viewers
    3. The Voice(Mon.) NBC, 1.80, 9.3 million average viewers
    4. Young Sheldon CBS, 1.73, 10.8 million average viewers
    5. The Voice(Tues.) NBC, 1.71, 9 million average viewers
    6. The Conners ABC, 1.70, 7.9 million average viewers
    7. Grey’s Anatomy ABC, 1.66, 6.7 million average viewers
    8. 60 Minutes CBS, 1.56, 11.3 million average viewers
    9. Empire FOX, 1.55, 5 million average viewers
    10. 9-1-1 FOX, 1.50, 6.2 million average viewers

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