Times Square New Year's Eve Celebration To Be Dedicated To Freedom Of Press | Def Pen
Times Square
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Over the past eighteen months, no phrase has been used more in media than “fake news”. Originating from Capitol Hill, the Donald Trump popularized term has been thrown around everywhere from the nation’s capital to ESPN. As the world looks to guard against fake news, this year’s New Year’s Eve celebration will look to honor those interested in preserving high-level journalism. According to multiple reports, this year’s Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration will honor dedication to the freedom of press.

According to a report from Deadline, “Joel Simon, executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists, will initiate the ball drop on Monday in Times Square.” The report also states, “Yet-to-be-named journalists from various U.S. and international outlets will be the guests of honor at the party in one of the most iconic party spots for New Year’s Eve.”

This news comes after a tough year for many in the media. Throughout the year of 2018, journalists have been under fire by an eventful White House administration and weary consumers of media. Not to mention, journalists from The Capital Gazette and The Washington Post were killed performing while in the act of working. Hopefully, the new year will be much kinder to those preserving journalism.



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