Three NATO Servicemen Killed In Afghanistan | Def Pen
Source: Getty Images

While the world of politics and media is in chaos following yet another weekend of controversial tweets from Donald Trump, the world of politics and media overseas mourns. The Associated Press has reported that three men were killed this morning during a suicide attack in Afghanistan.

The Associated Press report states, “The overnight attack took place near the Bagram military base in the province of Parwan, the country’s armed forces said. It identified the service members as Staff. Sgt. Martin Marcin, 36, Cpl. Kamil Benes, 28 and Cpl. Patrik Stepanek, 25.” The families of those lost were notified early Sunday morning that there bodies would be transported in the coming days.

The loss of the three soldiers comes just weeks after Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, indicated that he would be willing to engage in peace talks with Afghanistan and the Taliban. Pompeo said, “An American role will be important in this, but we can’t run the peace talks, we can’t settle this from the outside.” Afghan President Ashraf Ghani added, “If we think only in one day, a 40-year crisis can be ended we are being unrealistic.”

Prayers and condolences are with the families of those lost in this morning’s unfortunate events.



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