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The Grinch
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The Grinch is a beloved classic that will remain a Christmas favorite despite the many adaptions of the popular novel written by Dr. Seuss.

The film is fun and whimsical. The Grinch suited a more kid-friendly audience but It’s a great comedy film that families will enjoy. The Grinch seems to launch a more modern construct to relate to today viewing of animated comedies. The Grinch was voice by Benedict Cumberbatch and at first, I had second thoughts of a new Grinch voice actor but Cumberbatch adapted the voice character of the Grinch fairly well. I thought it lacked the tone of bitterness and lacked a more evil persona that is one of the main characteristics of the Grinch especially when the Grinch is talking about his hate for Christmas, but overall it was well performed.

Despite the Grinch lacking more of an evil persona, the Grinch did stick to making things become worse for people such as when the short kid wanted to put the carrot on the snowman’s nose but couldn’t reach it and then the Grinch act like he was going to help him but didn’t and made it worse by knocking down the snowman’s head instead. The other time was when a lady needed help reaching a can on the top shelf and the Grinch took it to ask what it was and after she explained she needed it for her cooking he then placed it on the edge of the top shelf and when the lady said he was being rude he knocked it over by pushing the shelf, and it broke into pieces on the floor and, lastly when he went on his quest on Christmas Eve to steal all the decorations and presents in every household in Whoville.

Cindy Lou is a great character in the film and my favorite. As a kid, she really showed what true acts of kindness and love is. Instead of asking Santa for presents she wanted her mom to be happy and have everything that she wanted, because she sees how hard her mom works and everything that she does for her and her siblings, and I think that was one of the most important themes in this movie, as the Grinch stated in the movie “To kindness and love the things you need the most.

The film portrayed the importance of family and the true meaning of Christmas.

Despite the Grinch hating Christmas, he does show in between events that he has a soft spot for max and also Fred the deer. In one scene the Grinch grant Fred the deer, to be the designated deer to ride lead his slay but before they could make their way to the town, his family, including his spouse and offspring, came out of nowhere to meet with him and at the moment the Grinch wasn’t upset about Fred wanting to be with his family, he just said “alright. “And let Fred be with his family.

As the Grinch confirmed that he was alone his whole childhood due to being an orphanage and not having a family. As an adult, he does have max as a companion, max makes coffee for him and tends to his every need, and that was one thing he overlooked before the climax of the film, the loyalty of his dog. Even though Cindy Lou change his perception of what Christmas is all about with her kindness he did have max as a factor in his life as a companion.

Over this weekend reported by Variety, the Grinch is looking to take the crown in the box office with 67 million this weekend. Which is no surprise, The film has received an early Rotten Tomatoes score of 54% and has landed an A- CinemaScore.

The last “Grinch” adaptation, 2000’s instant classic “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” starring Jim Carrey and directed by Ron Howard, earned $55 million in its opening weekend, giving this year’s animated version a significant box office edge. The film wound up with $345 million worldwide. It seems this adaption of the Grinch will beat the box office record of earnings of the 2000s classics.

This was a great film to watch while the holidays are already on its way, it’s a great animated comedy that channels realistic point of views and also leaves you with a meaning, I recommend everyone to go watch it.

The Grinch out in theatres now


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