Summer Madness 6
URLTV presents Summer Madness 6

Years after Kool and The Gang & The Fresh Prince himself gave us the definition of Summer Madness, Smack is redefining it with URLTV’s blockbuster card.

Summer Madness started back in 2011 featuring the return of Harlem legend Charlie Clips facing off against Aye Verb. Also featured was T-Rex vs Conceited, Hollow Da Don vs Hitman Holla, and K-Shine’s legendary first round against Tsu Surf just to name a few. In the years to come Summer Madness would come to cement itself as the Super Bowl of battle rap, so to speak. It’s the biggest stage on the most respected platform and each MC who has the privilege of performing understands it’s where legacies are made or broken.

Speaking of returns on Summer Madness, Detroit battle rap veteran Calicoe will be gracing the stage once again. Cal’s most infamous appearance on Summer Madness was the 2012 classic vs Loaded Lux, aka the birth of Lux’s “LOOK AT ME, KING.” and most famously “YOU GON GET THIS WORK”. He’ll be facing off against newcomer, and already a fan favorite, Brizz Rawstein. Their styles differ as Brizz is more on the unorthodox side, while Cal is pretty straight forward with the greasy talk. Being that Brizz has heated up in Cal’s absence, and Cal has a heavy chip on his shoulder as a result of the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality of fans and fellow rappers; this battle will be amazing.

Prediction: tough call…..but I’ll take Calicoe 2-1. I love Brizz, don’t get me wrong, but I have a feeling Calicoe will come with an unforgettable first round and the crowd will be excited to hear from him again.

Next up, we have JC vs Rum Nitty. A battle that pits two wordplay heavy fan favorites against each other. JC has his sights set on a duel with Loaded Lux, so a convincing win against Nitty would more than likely set that up. However, Rum is NO pushover and if he can get the W, we may be seeing a changing of the guards as people’s champion. While both can punch with the best of them, JC’s schemes are top notch and he’s built to thrive in matchups like this. Prediction: JC 2-1, could be a 3-0 but not a “body”. Meaning there’s a good chance JC could clearly win 2 rounds and have one edged based on preference if he comes ready like I think he will.

In my personal favorite matchup of the entire card, we have K-Shine vs Hitman Holla. Now, battle rap fans know this has been simmering with the heat on medium for years now. Every now and then Shine would add a little more salt, Hitman would stir it, and now it’s time to eat. K has called Hitman out several times, most famously in his battle against another St. Louis MC; Yung Ill. Hitman Holla recently returned to the ring vs Shotgun Suge on UW battle league, and while his stage presence was still up to par, as usual, he left a lot to be desired bar wise. Prediction: ‘Grudge match K-Shine’ is a whole different beast, as seen vs Aye Verb and most recently T-Rex; which is why I’m picking K-Shine in a clear 2-1. At the end of the day, I just want the match to be as classic as the ingredients set it up to be.

Ave vs T-Top. This is an intriguing matchup. After becoming one of the fastest rising fan favorites and most feared rookies, Ave has been under heavy scrutiny lately. Accused of stealing lines, allegations that he’s vehemently denied, the once sturdy armor has a question mark around it. T-Top, another fan favorite, eager for a clear win after what some would call a clear loss to Goodz, has the opportunity to get a high-quality win here. This battle will be the most pivotal on the card as it pertains to the next step in each battler’s career. Give me Ave 2-1, I feel like he’s going to be creative with his attack and very fresh with the material. Expect a scheme we’ve never heard before.

And now……the main event for Summer Madness 6. Hollow Da Don vs Tay Roc. It’s another return, so to speak, in the sense of seeing a legend get back in the ring. Hollow is back to grace the URL stage once again, this time against a fan and fellow battle rapper favorite Tay Roc. Roc went from being known as the sacrificial lamb to Charlie Clips to a top tier veteran in just a matter of years with his ground work. Hollow is out to prove that no matter how high you climb, there’s a level you can’t reach; while Roc is out to conquer a giant that most would be honored to stand in front of. I feel as though Roc has far more to gain with a win that Hollow does, but Hollow respects the culture and his craft too much to show up just for a check. He’s out for blood like he’s never tasted it before. My final prediction is Hollow in a very clear 2-1. Expect a legendary first round from Hollow to set the tone of a legendary battle in the making.

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