Sixers Co-Owner Wrote A Letter to Save Meek Mill from Prison- Def Pen


Meek Mill
Rapper Meek Mill has long been a fan of the Sixers. (Photo: Diamond/Getty Images)

Meek Mill is in prison after violating the terms of probation that stem from an arrest earlier this year. Mill was sentenced to up to four years in prison.  

Philadelphia 76er co-owner Michael Rubin is coming to the rapper’s defense. According to the Sport’s Illustrated, Rubin penned a letter to  Judge Genece E. Brinkley days before Mill was sentenced to the prolonged prison time.

In the letter, Rubin expressed that his relationship with Mill – one that stems back to an encounter between the two at an All-Star game four years ago – has been fruitful for both parties involved.

“While he may come from a different world and upbringing than many of us, we all recognize his talent and the impact that he can have in the broader community,” Rubin wrote.

The Fanatics executive cites that Mill had a desire to further “advance his career,” and he exhibited a hunger for the requisite knowledge.

Rubin says that he spoke to each other on the phone “nearly every day.”

Rubin had high praise for the Philadelphia native as he talked fondly about the excellent work Mill did in the community. “I have personally witnessed him engage in quiet acts of charity and uncommon decency to those less fortunate than him,” Rubin said. Rubin noted that the 30-year-old would take any money from Rubin for performing at the Sixers Foundation Youth Gala where they raised close to $1 million.

Rubin feels that what will be Mill’s third stint in prison could “destroy his future.” 

The letter had no bearing on the judge’s ultimate decision it seems. 

Judge Brinkley’s heavy sentence has prompted many to speak out on behalf of Mill. Hip Hop figures such as T.I. and Jay-Z have come out publicly against the verdict. 



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