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Norris Cole has become one of the best players in the EuroLeague after a solid NBA career.

I think many people in America know about current Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv point guard Norris Cole. If you don’t know, then I shall introduce him with a few words. Six year NBA veteran, two-time NBA champion with Miami Heat. Now, some things started to add up in your head. You most probably know him.

This summer veteran point guard moved to Israel powerhouse Maccabi Fox Tel Aviv and also, Euroleague basketball. This signing made an overwhelming impression in European basketball market because when you take a look at Cole’s career, he won multiple NBA rings, he played with LeBron, Wade and Bosh.

Everybody knew Cole would give many contributions to Maccabi, but actually, he contributed more than we thought.

So far in 17 EuroLeague games, Cole had 11 games in double digits. This performance made him one of EuroLeague’s top 20 scorers. He also does that with .432 shooting percentage. High percentage and difficult shots. All of this makes Cole precious.

When you look back at Cole’s career, he’s always been a decent scorer. But in Europe, he’s upgraded that with more scoring. If you look at this performance, you’ll understand my point.

Coleโ€™s stats in this game were: 29 points, 5/9 FG, 4/6 3PT FG, 4/5 FT, five rebounds, four assists, and one steal.

May God have mercy upon Zalgiris because Cole won’t.

In last few games, with Pierre Jackson’s (former Dallas Maverick) rising scoring performance, Cole is the second option for scoring. But he’s recently scaring the opponents.

Also, I must mention his physical advantage. I know, Cole is a little short for a basketball player, but he is too quick. He has quick hands and quick feet. All of these attributes give him an advantage for scoring and defending too.

I’ve always talked about Cole’s scoring ability, but his passing ability is as good as his scoring ability. Such that, he is crowned in 18th place in EuroLeague TOP-Assist Leaders list. His per game stats is 3.9. Those numbers might look a bit low to you, but we’re talking about EuroLeague, and its standards. And I shall remind you, EuroLeague follows FIBA’s rules. So, one quarter is 10 minutes long. Do not forget that two minutes less than in NBA. I think you should consider that when you’re looking at Cole’s assist stats.

Also, Cole won EuroLeague assist of the night award twice.

Those quick hands made him one of Euroleague’s TOP 15 stealers, with 1.1 steals per game. Cole sits at 11th place on that list. Since his Cleveland State University years, Cole has always been a dangerous defender. This season, all guards in Euroleague are scared to stay in front of him.

He is a winning player since the Miami Heat’s Big 3 era, but with Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv he’s not close to winning a EuroLeague trophy. Israel is in 8th place in Europe’s TOP-16 teams. You know, EuroLeague’s system. Firstly, 16 team match in the league. Then, first eight teams plays in Playoffs. Lastly, the top-4 teams face each other in the Final Four. Maccabi, as of now, sits at 8th place in the league.

Norris Cole’s team Maccabi is not favorites for the championship. But captains are always the last to leave the ship!


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