Saba Links Up With IDK For "Beautiful Smile" | Def Pen
Saba Feat IDK “Beautiful Smile”

Saba, budding talent fresh from Chicago continuously delivers music with. His second album Care For Me released early 2018  allowed the grief-stricken artist to self-reflect and explore a roller coaster of emotions, although he tells Chicago Mag “I was trying to make some fun shit, make some bangers,”  Following this melancholic style, Saba links up with Maryland artist IDK for latest track Beautiful Smile.

Though the title may inspire positive thoughts, the song projects the opposite. Saba and IDK lace the gloomy beat with lyrics questioning the inspiration behind their own smiles. The two sharp rappers go back and forth,  describing the anxiety that comes with building a rap career, the effect stardom has on their personal lives and the weight of societal issues.

I got a beautiful smile, honestly I forgot how
Since I put my boy in a box, sometimes I see him in the cloud
I been away for a while, I’m in the Bay, in the town
Niggas debating ’bout who is the greatest
Fuck what you debating about

Stream the track below:


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