Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook (Foot Locker)

Russell Westbrook is on pace to be only the second player, all time, to average a triple double in an NBA season. Averaging 30.9 points per game 10.2 assists and 10.5 rebounds this year while leading his team to a 30-23 record has become one of the main storylines in the NBA. He, however, is tired of talking about it, so he made fun of the unique statistic in his new Foot Locker commercial.

He does so by creating fake statistics, like the number of cameramen he crashes into per game. It is a hilariously done ad that does a great job of poking fun at his gaudy stats. While some like, “minutes talking to myself intensely” should definitely be tracked, Russell Westbrook was not able to confirm all of his statements.

After claiming he was the “all-time greatest Russell in league history”,  nearby eavesdropper, Bill Russell, challenged that notion before Westbrook agreed, “Ok second greatest Russell in league history”. The commercial was done to promote Foot Locker’s “Feb brings the best” campaign and new Jordan 31 sneakers.


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