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Rick Ross vs Birdman

Rick Ross vs Birdman is officially on and poppin’.

Earlier today (Oct. 11), Birdman took to social media to address people who have been urging him to pay Lil’ Wayne. Weezy, who has been Cash Money since a teen, has sued the label for $51 million due to money owed. Many believe that number is even lower than what Wayne is owed given the success of Young Money.

Now the video is blurry, but the audio and message are loud and clear.

“I be hearing all you ni**as talkin’ about this Lil Wayne shit. Lil Wayne this, Lil Wayne that. Bitch, Lil Wayne my son. I raised him. He ain’t had nothing, I brought him to be something and got something. Bitch, you think I ain’t gonna make sure he straight? Suck a nigga dick, bitch.”

This rant then turns violent:

“I’ma show all you pussy ass niggas that ever got in my business. Fuck ya, nigga. I’ma show you don’t play with me, nigga. I’m what you call a fuckin’ real mastermind (referring to Ross’ album of the same name), you lil’ bitty bitch. You heard me? And if you cross my line, you already know, I ain’t even gotta tell ya. You know what type of nigga I am. That’s how it is. Fuck ya, nigga. Tear ya ass up, playing with me and mine.”


Rozay hops on Snapchat to respond. Mind you, he already said his part on ‘Idols Become Rivals.’

“Boy, you a year late, and five years late paying that man his money. Pay that man his money. We know you ain’t right. Stop with the jokes, nigga. Bring that shit. Bring it.”

Ross continues:

“Have no fear. All that talkin’ shit, nuh-uh, all that shit don’t work round here baby. We’ll put you in check n***a, we’ll put you somewhere else.”

This is getting deep. Of course, we don’t want anyone to lose life over this, but we do want it resolved. Peacefully. Let’s hope Birdman and Wayne can resolve this money issue and everyone can move forward. Check out Ross’ response below.


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