Rick & Morty
Along with millions of other fans in the world, we’re hoping Rick & Morty returns for a 4th season on Adult Swim. Turner better give these guys the money they deserve. Cred. Adult Swim

Over the past couple of years, the Adult Swim animation that is Rick & Morty has taken the animated world by storm, becoming one of the more popular series on Television. There’s no doubt what kind of impact both culturally and financially this has done to Adult Swim and the people who own that network. Thanks to Rick & Morty and it’s creators Dan Harmon and voice actor Justin Roiland, the 3rd (short) season of the iconic show has made fans of the show want more and fast. But according to Harmon, Season 4 has outside factors to its delay.

Harmon tweeted out earlier this week regarding the fact that Adult Swim had still not renewed Rick & Morty for its’ 4th season:

He also jumped on Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier’s Smodcast and spoke about the delays (exert from Screen Rant):

“The reason we’re not working on Rick and Morty right now ain’t because I figured out that I don’t need to impress you. It’s because of a little something called contract negotiations and it’s gotten complicated this time around.”

So it doesn’t look like Adult Swim is the one that is holding up the beloved show’s renewal, but mostly the parent company, Turner. Regardless, you got to hope that a company like Turner can recognise the impact, both culturally and financially, that Rick & Morty has made it such a short amount of time on TV. Turner, give these guys the money they deserve.


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