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Power Season 5

This week’s episode of Power is best described as a post-Graduation Kanye West song. There’s a lot of different things going on. It was fairly interesting and it’s fairly unclear how good the episode was. Nevertheless, viewers paid attention and it is a topic of discussion. There’s no clear place to start with this week’s episode of Power. Tommy, Ghost, Kanan, Tasha, Angela, and company all played equal roles in the growing dysfunction that is at play each week. Tommy is digging himself an even deeper hole by trusting a man that we’re not completely sure is his father or not. Moreover, he’s setting himself for failure with LaKeisha. In other parts of town, Ghost’s plan of intimidation possibly led to Silver fleeing the country. Worst of all, Tasha is single again which means she will have an unlimited amount of time to think about how much she hates Ghost. Angela is trying to save herself from an impossible situation and on top of it all, Kanan is slowly stabbing everyone in the back. Not to mention, Ghost is planning on going back to jail. In the end, viewers left asking, “What the hell did I just watch?”

The biggest takeaway from this week’s episode is that Ghost has one get out of jail free card with soon to be Governor Tate. Ghost’s ability to find dirt on Tate is possibly the most important moment of the season thus far even if it doesn’t appear to be at the moment. Ghost is likely going to turn himself in or put himself in a compromising position to save Tasha. By doing so, he’s putting himself in a position that would put him in a position to be tried for the newly revealed prison guard murder. If Teresi testifies against Ghost, it’s likely to put him in an impossible position to get out of. However, there’s one person that would be able to save him in that position. As sloppy as Tate is at times, he is going to be Governor which would make him the most powerful political player we have seen thus far in the series. If Ghost is put in a tough position, that tape could pull Tate to pardon him or find another way out for Ghost. The only issue with this is Angela. As Angela moves forward with her plan to remove Mak from her team, she’s not aware that they already have clear-cut evidence of her committing obstruction of justice. That’s not going away now, later or ever. If she bribes Mak, this could easily land her in deeper trouble. If Mak gets rid of Angela, Ghost, Tommy and the rest of the organization then he could write his own ticket without Angela.

As Power enters the second of the season, the series has managed to reach a point where Mak, Saks, and Donovan have the least number of weak spots. How did it get to the point where the dumbest characters have the most power? Eventually, it will work itself out. In the meantime, it looks like a complete and utter mess.




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