Resident Starts Petition To Change Durant, Oklahoma, Name To Westbrook | Def Pen
Russell Westbrook
Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook (Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports)

Kevin Durant was on top of the world to Oklahoma City fans. They loved and adored him, but then he broke their hearts when he decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors.

After Durant’s decision, fans decided to burn his jersey. It is safe to say that they were NOT happy.

Now, fans are after a city named Durant, Oklahoma. The city was not named after Kevin, but a fan started a petition to change the cities name to Westbrook, Oklahoma after the Thunder’s star, Russell Westbrook, who signed a contract extension.

The petition on, started by Ryan Nazari, reads as follows:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the great state of Oklahoma has been betrayed. As many of you know, Kevin Durant has left our state, torn out our hearts, and left our beloved Oklahoma City Thunder in depleted shape. All of this after even being offered a cabinet position for the State of Oklahoma. It is because of this heinous action that I believe the State of Oklahoma has a responsibility to change the name of the City of Durant to Westbrook, the man who is loyal, whom we believe in, and who will lead our team to glory. Yes, it is understood that the city Durant was not named after the evil Kevin Durant, but it is just another hideous reminder of what happened to our community. Support the Cause. #WestbrookOK”

Currently, the petition has 915 supporters out of a goal of 1,000 supporters. It will likely reach that number, and when it does it will be delivered to Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin and the mayor of Durant, Stewart Hoffman. This petition could definitely work out, and we may see Durant change its name to Westbrook. That would be very interesting.


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