Nikola Mirotic
Nikola Mirotic has averaged 17.4 points per game in 17 contests this season. (David Zalubowski/Associated Press)


With trade talks between the two sides heating up, the Utah Jazz are now dangling big man Derrick Favors in trade talks for Chicago Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic. However, even with a talented young piece like Favors now on the table, Tony Jones of The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Chicago may want 1st-round compensation instead:

Jazz forward Derrick Favors has been discussed as a potential piece that would go to Chicago, according to multiple sources.

Other reports Tuesday suggest the Bulls want a first round pick ascompensation for Mirotic, something they have inquired the Jazz about.

Mirotic isn’t eligible to be traded until January 15th but with discussions starting to gain some momentum, the sharpshooting forward could be on the move soon after that day arrives.

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The Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz have engaged in trade discussions to send forward Nikola Mirotic to Utah, according to Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune. While nothing is imminent from either side, talks have moved past the preliminary stage, Jones reports.

The two sides could verbally agree on a deal before the deadline, but Mirotic cannot be traded until January 15, according to NBA rules.

The Salt Lake Tribune has confirmed that Utah is engaged in talks with the Chicago Bulls on a deal that would bring power forward Nikola Mirotic to Utah.

Multiple NBA sources say nothing is done on either side. But talks are past the preliminary stage and getting serious. first reported Utah’s interest in Mirotic on Monday.

Mirotic, 26, signed a deal with Chicago in the offseason. He holds a no-trade clause in his contract, meaning he can ultimately control where he gets traded.

Mirotic engaged in a physical altercation with teammate Bobby Portis back in October, leaving him sidelined for six weeks with maxillary fractures and a concussion, including a frayed relationship with his teammate. The Bulls have had interest in trading him ever since the incident.

Mirotic, according to an report this week, has been intrigued with the thought of joining coach Quin Snyder and the Utah Jazz, who currently hold a 16-24 record. The team lacks a floor-spacing frontcourt player and has been plagued with injuries this season, explaining their interest in potentially acquiring Mirotic.


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