Nicki Minaj
CREDIT: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Last night, the 70th annual Met Gala took center stage in the entertainment universe. Everyone from the Migos to Rihanna arrived wearing their best. New York native Nicki Minaj arrived at the 70th annual Met Gala in an elegant red dress, but the first lady of Young Money arrived with more than just lavish clothing. In an interview on the Met Gala red carpet, Minaj revealed that her fourth studio album, Queen, will be released on August 10th.

Last month the first lady of Young Money released two new singles, “Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz”. This past week, Minaj also released videos for both singles as well. The two records received generally positive reviews from Hip-Hop media personalities like Joe Budden, Peter Rosenberg, and DJ Funkmaster Flex. However, the reviews for both records weren’t all positive. David Yi of Teen Vogue accused Minaj of culturally appropriating Japanese culture for her “Chun-Li” persona writing, “It’s been nothing short of disheartening to see Nicki continue to present a reductive version of Japanese culture, which she’s been accused of in the past, too; in 2017, there was her H&M collaboration with emblazoned sweatshirts and tees with Kanji characters and Japanese motifs like cherry blossoms and paper fans. ” Ira Madison III of The Daily Beast countered Yi’s sentiments by asking, “Can cultural appropriation even exist when there are no power structures that divide both groups? Is it actually a true form of cultural appreciation rather than appropriation?”

Minaj’s album date may also spark a bit of controversy considering that Minaj’s longtime friend and once rumored romantic interest, Nas, is also projected to release his next album on that date. Minaj’s labelmate and friend, Drake, is also rumored to drop in June as well. Regardless of what happens, we can expect a ton of great music in the month of June.


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