Nick Cannon Fuck Him

Mr. Wild’N Out himself, Nick Cannon, is back in the booth and delivers a new track in “Fuck Him”.

“Fuck Him” kickstarts a 3 part trilogy and serves as the title track for it. Venturing into the dark side of R&B, this new melodic twist that Nick Cannon takes on for the record may come as a surprise once you press play.

Looking to focus on the women who are going through it, this is obviously fueled by relationship drama. Nick serves as the “voice of reason” in which his solution is to basically say “Fuck Him”, ladies.

Starting the record off with a voicemail, you can kind of get a sense of the direction this record is going in. The melodic, “whisper” tone is basically the inner voice in your head dictating the decisions, and feelings you should go through.

After a few drinks of your choice, vibe out to “Fuck Him”, don’t text your ex or current situationship, though. You may regret it. Listen here.


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