New Jersey Considering Bill To Allow Undocumented Immigrants To Get Driver's License | Def Pen
New Jersey
Andrew Thomas Ryan

The New Jersey state senate has introduced a new bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license. The bill that has been introduced would allow for the state to have two types of driver’s licenses. The first type would be the already existing driver’s license for documented citizens. The second type of driver’s license would be the proposed driver’s license for undocumented immigrants. This new license would be called a “Real ID”, which would be federally recognized. However, the new ID would not allow those who have it to vote or obtain state services.

State Senator Teresa Ruiz told local media, “Offering undocumented immigrants a pathway to a legal drivers’ license would reduce their chances of encountering legal troubles while trying to make a living, while also making the roads safer for all New Jerseyans.”

The bill was first introduced last week and has already garnered support. New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, and State Senate President Steve Sweeney have already publicly supported the bill. If the bill is pushed forth, New Jersey would become the latest of several states to pass such legislature. Furthermore, passing the bill would bring the Garden State up to the federal security standards set to be enacted in 2019.


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