Netflix Drops The First Trailer For 'Game Over, Man' | Def Pen
game over man netflix
Image Via Netflix

Netflix has made some questionable decisions in regards to their original comedy films in the past, such as handing Adam Sandler a practically blank check to do whatever he wanted to do. Though, it seems as if Netflix is starting to take their comedy film division a little bit more seriously by releasing ‘Game Over, Man’.

This Seth Rogen and Adam Goldberg produced comedy reunites the Workaholics crew (who also serve as producers on the project) in a film that centers around their video game that is about to be developed potentially being derailed once their main investor becomes involved in a terrorist incident. The plot sounds very farfetched but that is what this group excels at.

The trailer is filled with tons of humor you’d come to expect from the crew behind Workaholics including a hilarious bit involving a gun at the end of the trailer. The film looks like it could have easily been released in theatres and made a decent amount of cash, which is rare for the aforementioned Netflix comedy film division.

‘Game Over, Man’ is set to be released on March 23rd, 2018 directly on Netflix. We’ve attached the trailer and official synopsis of the film below.


Three friends must level-up and become heroes when their workplace, a Los Angeles hotel, is taken hostage by evil gunmen seeking a large ransom. Game Over, Man! is a dangerous comedy from the creators of Workaholics starring Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson.’ – Via Netflix


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