Michelle Obama Named Most Admired Woman In 2018 | Def Pen
Michelle Obama
Jose Luis Magana/AP

For the first time in 2017, Americans have named someone not named Hilary Clinton as the most admired woman in the country. This year, the prestigious honor has been bestowed upon the former first lady, Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama has had an eventful run in 2018. The Harvard Law graduate watched her first born daughter finish her freshman year at Harvard. Not long afterwards, Obama published her second book, Becoming. Subsequently, she embarked on her nationwide book tour that sold out arenas in Brooklyn, Washington, D.C. and beyond. Not to mention, the book outsold any other book this year in just fifteen days.

Behind Obama, Oprah Winfrey finished in second with five percent of the vote. Directly behind the billionaire media mogul, Hilary Clinton and Melania Trump finished with four percent of the vote. Other notable vote recipients include Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Ellen DeGeneres, Nikki Haley, Malala Yousafzai and Nancy Pelosi.

On the other side of the poll, Michelle’s husband, Barack Obama, ranked first on the poll of most admired men in 2018. Donald Trump followed behind Barack with 13% of the vote. Other notable top finishers included Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Bernie Sanders, Mike Pence, Pope Francis, George W. Bush and Elon Musk. Obama’s finish marks the eleventh time he’s been on top of the list.



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