Michael B. Jordan Dares To Be Great In New Scene From 'Creed 2' | Def Pen
Creed II
Michael B. Jordan tries to come to terms with his place in the world as Adonis Creed in the new trailer for ‘Creed II.’ Photo Cred. MGM

It’s almost here! After a three year layoff, MGM is back with the sequel, Creed II, directed by Steven Caple Jr. is set to hit theaters on Thanksgiving Day. If you’ve been keeping up with the film’s ongoing developments, you know that the sequel will focus on the match of the century, Creed vs. Drago II. In the film, Michael B. Jordan will take on the son of Drago, the man who killed his father. In many of the trailers, Drago’s son is portrayed much like his father, an immovable force of strength and power. Given the back story and the hype built up from the last film, Creed II is sure to be a Hollywood smash.

Not to long ago, MGM dropped off the first trailer for the film. Most recently, MGM dropped off some behind the scenes footage of the actors giving their perspective of the film. Today, we have received the first full scene of the film. In the scene, viewers can see Adonis Creed and Rocky debating taking the fight against Drago’s son. Given the regret he has about the last time a Creed man took on a son of the Drago family, he urges Adonis not to take the fight. More importantly, Rocky gives off the impression that he may have doubts about Creed’s ability to beat Drago’s son. Rocky ultimately tells him that he needs to think about his future and those who love him. Creed looks at him in disbelief and says, “Do you want to talk about smart decisions Rock? You’re in this house all alone. Who’s been taking care of you? Me! I’ve been here for you. Who else do you have?” Creed ends his soliloquy by stating, “Listen, I’m taking this fight with or without you.”

Watch the full scene above and stay tuned for a full review when the film hits theaters on Thanksgiving Day.


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