PHILADELPHIA, PA – JULY 15: Rapper Meek Mill attends the Meek Mill debut of Dreamchasers x PUMA Collab at New Puma Lab powered by Foot Locker at Roosevelt Mall on July 15, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for PUMA)

Earlier this morning, Meek Mill was quoted in an article saying that he was a political prisoner. After months and months of hard work and perseverance, it appears that Meek Mill won’t be a prisoner for much longer. This morning, thousands of protesters gathered outside of a Philadelphia courthouse to express their disgust for the treatment of Meek Mill and other black men receiving similar treatment by the legal system. Among those in attendance at today’s protest were Meek Mill’s mother and son. Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack also made an appearance at today’s rally. While Stack was there, he declared, “Everyone needs to stand up for justice.”

While the energy outside of the courtroom was electric, things inside of the courtroom were just as important in the effort to free Meek. In response to concerns about the credibility of Meek’s arresting officer, The Office of the Philadelphia District Attorney made a motion today to overturn Meek Mill’s conviction. While the judge overseeing Meek’s case did not agree to overturn his conviction, she did agree to a new hearing in June. In the meantime, Meek’s defense team is in the process of filing a bail motion.

With all of the progress that is being made, Meek will, unfortunately, remain incarcerated until bail is granted or his conviction is overturned. Stay tuned for more details and be sure to check out Reform Philly for more ways to get involved.


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