Valentine’s Day is a day of showing unconditional love. Well for Maroon 5 and Future their new record, ‘Cold’ decides to put emphasis on the break-up. Now to be clear the interpretation can be made that they are just highlighting past relationships with hopes of not having to deal with those in the future. Music is all subjective to the listener at the end of the day and that is what makes it much more enjoyable.

Providing a more balanced tempo (not slow or fast) as far as sound is concerned, ‘Cold’ is surely to be a record we hear on the radio and in the clubs soon. Adam Levine and Future both bring forth a different aspect to ‘Cold’ which provide for a record many can ultimately relate. I mean who doesn’t have women in their past that have impacted them one way or another?

With all things considered, after teasing fans for a week or so of this new record, did they deliver? I say yes. Listen to ‘Cold’ below..



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