Marcin Gortat
Marcin Gortat (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images North America)

Marcin Gortat had a stellar season and remains one of the more underrated players in the league. This season he averaged career highs in rebounds per game (10.4), field goal percentage (57.9%), and games played (82). However, he will be on his age-33 season next year.

According to J. Michael of CSN Mid-Atlantic, Gortat is not blind to what can happen in the offseason.

“I had 103 games this year and I haven’t missed even one game. I didn’t miss one practice or shootaround. On top of that I’m the oldest guy on the team,”

“I know how the business works. I’m the oldest guy on the team. They signed Ian also. He’s younger than me and he got a longer contract. I just know how the business works so I’m prepared for everything just in case. We’re going to talk. I’m going to talk to Ernie (Grunfeld). I’m going to talk to managment and we’re going to figure it out.”

It is unclear whether the Wizards would be interested in retaining the veteran big man in the offseason. He was a huge contributor to their success this season but they may want to go younger. The unbelievable amount of cap locked up in the disappointing Ian Mahinmi may also make it difficult for them to sign any big man of value. Whatever the case, Gortat should be in for a nice pay rise this offseason.


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