Lois Lane Actress Margot Kidder Has Passed Away | Def Pen
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Margot Kidder, who starred alongside Christopher Reeves in the Superman film franchise, has passed away.  She is said to have passed in her sleep sometime between late Sunday night and early Monday Morning.  She was 69 years old.

In the early days of Kidder career, the Canadian born actress had gained the reputation as a so-called “Scream Queen” for her roles in cult horror flicks such as “Sisters” and “Black Christmas,” the latter which won her a Canadian Film Award for Best Actress.  Yet it wasn’t until the first “Superman” film in 1978 that she achieved mainstream recognition in the United States, along with a Saturn Award for Best Actress.  She was nominated for the award again the following year for her role in the original “The Amityville Horror”

After the last Superman movie in 1987, however, Margot Kidder’s career began to decline.  This was mainly due to health issues such as the injuries she sustained due to a car accident in the early 90s, and a nervous breakdown she suffered in 1996, in which she disappeared for four days.  The breakdown was triggered by a computer virus destroying all of the drafts of her autobiography.

Upon her recovery, she began to advocate on behalf of those who suffered from bipolar disorder and depression, along with a slew of other causes.  She had also enjoyed a small comeback in recent years, with small yet critically acclaimed roles in The L Word, Smallville, and R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour.

Margot Kidder is survived by her only daughter, Maggie McGuane, and two grandchildren.


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