LeBron James Jr.
LeBron James Jr. already has offers from Duke and Kentucky at just 13. (Photo via Overtime / YouTube)

LeBron James Jr. has a new mixtape out and he absolutely put on a show in Alabama. The teenager showed an advance handle and smooth jumper that extends out to the three-point line. LeBron Sr. has already said his oldest son is a much better shooter at this age than he ever was. Bronny as LeBron Jr. is affectionately known led his team to a 2-2 record over the weekend. Nevertheless, he was extremely impressive in the way he seemed to be under control at all times and showed great court vision. Now albeit this was a mixtape which only shows the best of the best. You still certainly can see why this thirteen old has attracted the attention of some of college’s top Blue Bloods.

Schools like Duke and Kentucky both have “standing scholarship offers” for the wunderkind that is LeBron James son. The two top schools in terms of recruiting especially the one and dones are the main schools in the hunt for a kid who won’t step on campus for another five years. Following LeBron James Jr.’s development will be fun to watch and the spotlight will only grow as he gets older. The genes are there, seeing the final product by the time he is a senior high schooler will be interesting.


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