LaMelo Ball
(LaVar Ball coaches his son LaMelo) Photo by Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY

LaVar Ball is one for many, many surprises but even with all the unexpectedness in his life there isn’t a soul who could have predicted what he’s just done pertaining his son LaMelo Ball.

It’s been reported that LaVar will be pulling his son LaMelo Ball out of Chino Hills High School and will be homeschooling and training him for the next to years until he is ready for college. That is, if all still goes according to plan in the Ball household; which it rarely seems to do.

This decision comes not too long after LaMelo received his own signature shoe from the family’s Big Baller Brand, just like Lonzo has. The only problem with that is the NCAA will have a hay-day if LaMelo comes to UCLA with an entire company behind him.

The plan still seems for LaMelo Ball to attend UCLA, just like Lonzo and LiAngelo, in two years after he is ready. Obviously that seems far from a guarantee at this point. While there’s nothing wrong with homeschooling your children LaVar having LaMelo only train under his tutelage takes him out of the national spotlight.

From a media perspective the Ball family will always make headlines, but with this one there’s no way to tell how everything will turn out. Whether or not this affects his collegiate career or eventually his NBA career, we will have to wait and see. Until then, LaVar and LaMelo Ball will be working everything form under the covers.


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