LaVar Ball
Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball, LiAngelo Ball, LaVar Ball (Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images North America)

Got to speak it into existence, right? Well, LaVar Ball is doing just that once again for his sons. The patriarch of the ‘Big Baller Brand’ is back to his old antics but this time he’s using the rookie scale contract for Lonzo Ball to try and turn his hopes into realities.

LaVar recently made a comment to some Lithuanian media about potentially using the contract of Lonzo Ball to get all three of his sons on the same NBA team. LaVar thinks he can use the third year of Lonzo’s deal to somehow work an agreement to get Liangelo and LaMelo, currently playing overseas, all on the same NBA team.

While that pipe dream is something that would be unprecedented, this might be the line LaVar crossed that he might not come back from. Not only is Lonzo Ball currently dealing with some injuries but he’s a young player on a good contract and that could mean he’s attached to a contract the Lakers want to get rid of. Especially if LaVar continues to rattle the cage.

He did time it well though, making these statements just a few short days after the NBA trade deadline. LaVar Ball, always the shrewd business man.


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