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Image Via NBC

Here at Def Pen were going to be trying some new things in this brand new year. One of the pieces that we’ll be adding to our regular rotation is a Late Night Round-Up, in which we highlight some of the previous nights best moments in late night TV.

The format will be fluid until we find the perfect flow, so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below.

Trump’s Montreal Cognitive Test Answers, Minister for Loneliness – Monologue – Jimmy Fallon

 ‘Jimmy Fallon’s monologue from Wednesday, January 17.’ Via NBC

Cory Booker Is Not Having the DHS Secretary’s Testimony: The Daily Show

 ‘Senator Cory Booker lays into Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for “forgetting” a racially-charged remark President Trump said behind closed doors.’ Via Comedy Central

Shocking News: Our President Is Perfectly Healthy – Stephen Colbert

  ‘Although Trump’s doctor declared him the picture of mental and cognitive health, skeptics have been quick to poke holes in that story.’ Via CBS


Full Frontal Investigates: Is This Racist Racist? | January 17, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

‘All the evidence points to yes, Trump is racist, but can we really be sure? Let’s spend the next three years discussing. ‘  Via The Turner Broadcasting Company



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