Def Pen’s Late Night Round Up: No. 2 | Def Pen
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Image Via NBC

Here at Def Pen, we’re going to be trying some new things in this brand new year. One of the pieces that we’ll be adding to our regular rotation is a Late Night Round-Up, in which we highlight some of the previous nights best moments in late night TV.

The format will be fluid until we find the perfect flow, so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below.

Seth Meyers – James Franco Addresses His Sexual Misconduct Allegations

‘James Franco addresses the accusations of sexual misconduct against him and talks about why he isn’t trying to refute the claims.’ Via NBC

Jimmy Kimmel – ‘Trump’s 2,000 Lies – A Documentary’

Donald Trump reached a major milestone according to the Washington Post by telling his two-thousandth lie since taking office. Telling two thousand lies is an unprecedented achievement in Presidential history, so tonight we look back at his many prevarications with a new mini-documentary that shows us how we got to this remarkable moment in misrepresentation.’ Via ABC

Stephen Colbert – Melania Trump Corrects The Lies Of ‘Fire And Fury’

‘The First Lady Melania Trump (Laura Benanti) annotates several sections of Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury’ that pertain to her.’ Via CBS

James Corden – Judd Apatow Is a Master of the Neighborhood Pop-In

‘After James recalls new neighbor Judd Apatow dropping by relatively unannounced shortly after he moved in, James and Judd learn Aaron Sorkin lets his guests know when pop-ins are over.’ Via CBS


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