LaMarcus Aldridge
LaMarcus Aldridge (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images North America)

Amid all of the trade rumors surrounding star players and big teams, the Spurs are joining in on the fun. According to Sam AmLaMarcus Aldridge Frustrated With Spursick of USA Today, LaMarcus Aldridge isn’t happy with his situation in San Antonio, leading to rumors.

“According to a person with knowledge of the Spurs forward’s situation, it’s the 31-year-old’s unhappiness in San Antonio that is the driving force behind the Spurs’ trade talks on Thursday. The five-time All-Star, according to the person, is hopeful that San Antonio can find a better fit for his talents…The Spurs are known to be talking to several teams about the possibility of trading Aldridge, with their hope of landing a high first-round pick in the Thursday draft.”

At the beginning of the season, Aldridge had to shoot down rumors of him being unhappy. Now, it’s recently been reported that the Spurs are looking for a top five draft pick in exchange for LaMarcus Aldridge due to his frustration.

Aldridge was interested in the Phoenix Suns during his free agency, so there has been talk about the Suns fourth overall pick as part of a deal for him; however, it is unlikely any team will give up a top pick for a 31-year-old who thrives on mid-range jumpers.

There is talk about the Spurs going after Chris Paul in free agency, so getting rid of LaMarcus Aldridge’s massive contract would certainly help them as far as cap space goes.

The NBA Draft is tonight, and free agency starts on July 1, so there could be a lot of movement in the next week and a half for more teams than just the Spurs.


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