Kirk Cousins to File Grievance if Washington Uses Franchise Tag Again | Def Pen
Kirk Cousins
Kirk Cousins’ time in Washington appears to be over, but the team still wants to be able to pick where he goes. (Patrick Smith / Getty Images)

The Washington Redskins found their quarterback – and replacement for Kirk Cousins – in Alex Smith when they traded for the ex-Kansas City Chief signal caller. However, at this point, Washington seems to be entertaining the idea of placing the franchise tag on Kirk Cousins for a third straight offseason. That way, the team would be able to dictate where Cousins goes, and be able to get something back in a trade, presumably a pretty good draft pick, or picks. If that scenario were to play out, it’s pretty obviously less than ideal for Cousins, who wants to be able to sign where he wishes. Which is why Kirk Cousins is making it known that if the Redskins do indeed place the franchise tag on him, he will be taking action in the form of a grievance through the NFL Players Union.

Even if Cousins wasn’t planning on re-signing in D.C., he could’ve used the team’s situation as leverage for a deal with another team. At least until they acquired Smith, that is. Now, not only is Cousins on the outs with the only team he’s played for in the NFL, he may have to settle for whatever destination they choose for him. That’s leverage the quarterback does not want to give up.

Given the circumstance, Cousins would have a good case against Washington, which could block the franchise tag being placed on him this offseason altogether, whether the Redskins want to or not.

Cousins’ time in Washington has been filled with drama. Even upon being drafted, the situation there was pretty tumultuous. The Redskins selected Cousins in the same draft they took Robert Griffin III, and speculation over which quarterback the team viewed as their future started almost immediately. Cousins ultimately had more staying power, but it looks like he’s headed for a bitter ending to this chapter of his career.


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