Kevin Durant Says He Doesn't Want To Be Team Captain For 2018 All-Star Game | Def Pen
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant may have a multitude of motives to not be a team captain for the All-Star game. (Kim Klement/USAToday Sports)

With the NBA ushering in a new method for selecting All-Star teams this year as opposed to the usual Conference vs. Conference format, it remains to be seen how things will shake out. The teams will be assembled with the leading vote-getters from each conference drafting their respective rosters out of the remaining pool of 22 All-Stars.

Though it’s been revealed that the drafting process will not be televised, the intrigue is still mounting as we inch towards 2018 All-Star weekend. Though some may be a fan of these changes, Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant is not one of them. With a legitimate shot at being one of the two to select teams, Durant said he wouldn’t enjoy hand-picking his roster. Following from The Athletic (h/t RealGM):

“I don’t want to do it,” Durant told The Athletic. “I’d rather somebody else do it. It’s cool to be an All-Star, but all the extra stuff … I just want to go play in the game. (The new format)’s cool, a different way, a creative way that’s good for the fans. But me, I’ll let somebody else pick the teams.”

Though Kevin Durant may have some internal motives to avoid drafting (such as the perceived awkwardness between him and ex-teammate Russell Westbrook), his teammate, on the other hand, is a perfect candidate. Not only that, but Stephen Curry said he’d love to be a team captain for the playground-style selection method.

“Why not?” Curry told The Athletic. “I’ll be the first to usher in the new system. I used to go to the playground all the time and you wanted to be the guy picking teams. That meant you were something on the court back in the day. It’ll be a cool vibe to see how it all shakes out and how unique you can make the lineups.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m definitely going to Twitter tonight to get those Steph Curry #NBAVotes in,” Durant laughed. “Because he’d be a perfect guy to pick teams. Me on the other hand, don’t think I’ll do so well.”

It appears Durant won’t have to worry anyway as Steph is on pace to represent the West, with him and LeBron James leading the field in the most recent returns of All-Star voting.


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