Jordan Bell Says DeMarcus Cousins was Trying to Bully Him | Def Pen
Jordan Bell
Jordan Bell (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

Golden State Warriors rookie Jordan Bell isn’t afraid of anybody or anything the league has to offer. That includes when New Orleans Pelicans All-Star big man DeMarcus Cousins attempted to bully the rookie.

The Warriors played against the New Orleans Pelicans on November 25 and December 4. Both games DeMarcus Cousins tried to play rough against the rookie Bell. However, Bell did not let Cousins get in his head during the course of both games.

Bell commented on Cousins and his rough play style. After Wednesday’s practice, he said the following to Melissa Rohlin of the Mercury News.

“He thought I was scared of him or something like that,” Bell said of Cousins after Wednesday’s practice. “He’s trying to bully everybody. But my mom always taught me never let anybody bully you, so I stand up to everybody.”

Jordan Bell knew better than to let DeMarcus disrupt his game. Rather than getting into an altercation with Cousins, Bell kept his composure.

“I don’t say nothing,” Bell said. “I just let my game do the talking. If he tries to get physical with me, I just get physical back”

“Everybody’s been texting me talking about be aware, or watch your back, and things like that,” Bell said. “I don’t think anybody in this league is a dirty player and going to try to hurt me. If I get an elbow, I’ll take it and just keep pushing.”


It seems as if though DeMarcus had a bigger problem with Bell’s teammate Kevin Durant. During their second meeting, Bell’s teammate Kevin Durant got into an altercation with Cousins. Both players received rejections that night.

After both players received their ejection, Cousins reportedly stormed towards the locker rooms looking for Kevin Durant.


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