JAY-Z's Roc Nation To Partner With BBC To Produce 'Noughts & Crosses' TV Series | Def Pen
Jay-Z & Roc Nation will produce a TV Series based around the young adult novel ‘Noughts & Crosses’. Cred. CNN

Jay-Z and Roc Nation will partner with BBC to produce a TV series based on the young adults novel series ‘Noughts & Crosses’. Roc Nation will reportedly produce the soundtrack for the TV series which has been eagerly pushed into pre-production.

The novel is set in an alternate reality where there is a ruling class of people of African descent and white people suffer discrimination and prejudice.

The series will follow two young people, Sephy and Callum, who are divided by their color and class. Sephy is a ‘Cross’ a member of the black ruling class and daughter of a prominent politician. Callum is a ‘Nought’ a white member of the underclass who was once slaves to the Crosses.

The show is currently in pre-production but with Jay-Z involved, all eyes will be on BBC, ITV and Roc Nation on how they will produce this show. This isn’t HOV’s first run at producing something for TV. He made a renowned documentary regarding Trayvon Martin and the George Zimmerman trial which garnered tons of attention. Earlier this year, Jay-Z added a Television division to Roc Nation. Meaning that we’ll be seeing HOV behind the scenes a lot more.

To get an idea for how the series will play out, check out the audio version of the book on YouTube:



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