New Music: Jacquees - You Remix (Featuring Blueface) | Def Pen
2019 Cash Money Records Inc.

If there’s two more talked about artists on the rise, they’d be hard to find. Jacquees has been making headlines for the past month or so because of his highly controversial claim to fame as the self-proclaimed “King of R&B”. On other end, we have Blueface, the rapper who seemingly came out of nowhere. Somehow and some way we have found ourselves on a Friday afternoon getting new music from the two.

To kick off the weekend, the new face of Cash Money records linked up with Blueface trying to make that one person feel special. Most notably, the song finds Blueface in a role we’ve never heard him in before. Over the R&B track, Blueface can be heard crooning over the person he needs in his life. Jacquees sings, “I feel like I should be your lover, I should be your friend/All those silly issues made up in your head/Money can pay for your time but it’s not love.” Later on, Blueface comes in to say, “2 A.M, tryna pull up on a late night/Last time that we talked, it went left/Had to pull up just to make right.”

I’m not sure if we’re going to hear a Blueface R&B album anytime soon, but we’ll take what we can get for now. Listen to the new record from Jacquees and Blueface called “You”.



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