Isaiah Thomas Gifts His Dad a Chain With Picture of Late Sister | Def Pen
Isaiah Thomas
James Thomas and Isaiah Thomas (Photo via Boston Globe / Thomas family)

Back in April, about 24 hours before game one of the Boston Celtics series against the Chicago Bulls, the sister of NBA All-Star Isaiah Thomas died after a car accident in Washington. At the time, Thomas was the star of the Celtics and he left to join his family as they went through their grieving period.

It’s almost seven months later since the tragedy and things have changed for Thomas. He’s undergoing treatment on an injured hip and he’s currently a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. But despite his change of work address, home is still Washington. In the second episode of his ‘Book of Isaiah’ series on ‘The Players Tribune’, Thomas opened up about his family and connections to the city of Tacoma. He also talked about his connection to his father and how he’s trying to raise his sons similar to how his dad raised him.

But there was a particularly beautiful and touching moment between Thomas and his father, James. While outside of his house, Thomas presented his dad with a chain complete with a picture of his late sister, Chyna.

Welcome to Book of Isaiah II, a documentary series that chronicles the life of Isaiah Thomas as he faces the challenges of playing for a new team.

In Chapter 2, Thomas balances two states: the emotional toll of being away from the game he loves due to injury, and taking care of his body by taking a break. Here, he goes home to Washington, and looks back on his passion for basketball with footage from his youth, while giving back to the Seattle basketball community with his annual Zeke-End Weekend Tournament. Thomas also explores the importance of his greatest job yet: being a father.


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