Isaiah Mustafa Rounds Out Cast Of 'IT: Chapter 2' | Def Pen
Isaiah Mustafa
Isaiah Mustafa will join the Cast of the ‘IT’ sequel. Cred. Shadowhunters/Netflix.

Isaiah Mustafa has been cast as the adult version of ‘Mike’ from the blockbuster horror film ‘IT’. Chapter 2 will see the adult versions of their kid counterparts in the first movie, face the same horrible and creepy looking clown, Pennywise. For those of who haven’t seen the movie, the face might be recognizable from the number of memes and videos have been generated with inspiration from the character.

Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader and Jay Ryan are set to star as the remaining kids while Isaiah Mustafa has joined on to play Mike Hanlon. Mustafa is most known for being the ‘old spice guy’ but don’t doubt his acting chops. He’s played in the Netflix/Hulu series ‘Shadowhunters’, ‘Horrible Bosses’ and another horror movie back in 2013 ‘Crush’, so it’s safe to say he’s a good choice. Chosen Jacobs, who played Mike in the first installment, took to Instagram to share the casting news:

You’re one of us now @isaiahmustafa. #ITMovie

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In the Stephen King book, ‘IT’ or Pennywise appears to the group of friends twice. Once when they’re children and another time when they’ve become adults. With the first installment being a little bit more amusing than actually scary, you can bet that they will be revving up the horror in this one. So if you thought the first one was scary. I can promise you that you will be seeing Pennywise set to lose for the 2nd one. I’d avoid theatres or the internet when it comes out.


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