Immanuel Quickley
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John Calipari has made his first major splash in the high school recruiting voyage of 2018 and it is a big one. After Duke and Coach K made waves by getting commitments from Cameron Reddish and Tre Jones, Kentucky responds by getting top tier point guard Immanuel Quickley.

Immanuel Quickley is one of the best high school guard prospects we’ve seen in the past decade. With a decorated high school and AAU career preparing him well for the college game with still another high school basketball season to go, Kentucky has gotten themselves a good one.

Kentucky had been the favorites for Quickley’s talents for the better part of the past year and John Calipari has been on his trail even earlier than that. With good size and frame at 6’3″ and an effectively versatile game, he offers a full package at point guard that Calipari will drool over.

Immanuel Quickley is the first commit for Kentucky of the 2018 class, and his commitment has implications further than him just playing in Lexington. Quickley is a good friend of high school sensation Zion Williamson, and thus will be hounding the South Carolina native to join him at Kentucky.

While this recruiting class as a whole might not be the most glorious John Calipari has pulled in the end, Immanuel Quickley was a player he wanted and Kentucky got him. Now we wait and see how the rest unfolds as Kentucky and Dukes continuing recruiting rivalry continues.



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