#FirstToTheAux Alumni IamDele Drops 'Barnhouse' Project | Def Pen
Source: Instagram/@IamDele

IamDele is a young musician based in the Louisiana area. Over the course of his young career, he has dropped two promising bodies of work, Things She Didn’t Hear and We Skipped Winter. Tracks like “Messi”, “Potent” and “Peace Sign” stood out and gained traction for their unique sound and strong vocals. All of these traits and more put him on our radar and led to the creation of the #FirstToTheAux series here at Def Pen. As one of the first artists to be featured in the series, IamDele is always on the radar when he drops new music.

This week, the young and upcoming singer, rapper and songwriter has returned to streaming platforms everywhere with the release of his newest project, Barnhouse. The Bayou based musician took to Instagram earlier this month to announce the release of the project through an IGTV video. At just under eleven minutes, the project is not a full length album, but does give fans a lot of content to enjoy. Through the project’s five tracks, IamDele toys with a trap like sound “Bout’ The Bounce” and “M.O.” On tracks like “Regions Acoustic” and “9 To 5”, he comes in with a bit of a softer tone. From start to finish, the project shows much of the same promise that led him on to #FirstToTheAux. Check out Barnhouse above and let us know what you think.



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