Yes, you read that headline correctly. Actor, Nicolas Cage, singer, Halsey, and rapper, Lil Yachty, have been tapped to be the leading voices of the new Teen Titans Go! movie set to be released this July. Oscar winner, Nicolas Cage, will be the voice of Superman, while Halsey and Lil Yachty will be the voices of Wonder Woman and Green Lantern respectively. The DC announcement, which comes shortly after the release of Marvel’s Black Panther and the trailer for Avengers’ Infinity War, has excited the likes of executive producer, Sam Register. Register told USA Today that “every superhero in the DC Universe has an impact on the fans, so we felt a great responsibility to find a voice for each character that would not only suit the role, but the playful tone of the Titans, and we’re thrilled with our cameo cast.” To top it all of, fans also received a trailer for the movie earlier this year.

Alongside the leading stars, Raven will be voiced by the Fairly Odd Parent’s Tara Strong, Robin will be voiced by Jonny Quest’s Scott Menville, Starfire will be voiced ChalkZone’s Hynden Walch, Cyborg will be voiced by The Walking Dead’s Khary Payton and Beast Boy will be voiced by Ben 10’s Greg Cipes. Strong, Menville, Walch, Payton and Cipes all played their respective roles in the Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! series that have aired on Cartoon Network.


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