H.E.R Tears Down Stage On Jimmy Kimmel Live! | Def Pen
Jimmy Kimmel Live!/ABC

This past year has been great for R&B. Over the last two months, Mariah Carey, Tory Lanez, Jacquees and many more have dropped projects. Among the many who have dropped projects is New York’s own, H.E.R. Also known by Gabby Wilson, H.E.R has dropped not one, but two new projects this year. In addition, she recently dropped her latest video for “Could’ve Been” featuring Bryson Tiller. With all of her recent work building toward her new album, H.E.R stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform some more music.

While on ABC, H.E.R delivered a performance of her song, “Fate”. The R&B singer-songwriter opened up by singing, “I’m lost, is it really even my fault?/ I don’t think that it’s supposed to be hard, if it’s really meant to be/ So give me a sign/ Is he always gonna be mine?/ Have I given it enough of my time?/ You cannot blame if it don’t mean nothing.” Backed by a soulful choir, H.E.R later transitioned into a interpolation of Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song”. The 21 year-old sang, “What about yesterday?/ (What about us?)/ What about the seas?/ (What about us?)/ The heavens are falling down/ (What about us?)/ I can’t even breathe.” Watch the full performance above and stay tuned for new album to drop in early 2019.


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