Glen Rice Jr.
Glen Rice Jr. (

Israel side Hapoel Holon has cut former NBA shooting guard Glen Rice Jr. for disciplinary reasons, the team announced.

Israel Winner League’s scoring leader has punched his teammate Guy Pnini, a former Euroleague champion with Maccabi Tel Aviv. After the altercation between the two, Pnini was taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment. The problem between the two players started on the court, reportedly because during a play Glen Rice Jr refused to pass the ball to Pnini, despite the fact he was open. The two players started trash talking to each other and Rice Jr promised that they were going to resolve the issue in the locker room

As pointed out by journalist Rebecca Griffin, who translated the report from Israeli website Walla, the altercation between the two was very intense, as you can see through her tweets

This is not the first time that Glen Rice Jr has created issues with his attitude. The former NBA player was arrested once after a gunfight in which he was wounded. Back in 2017, when he was playing in the Philippines, Rice Jr was ejected from Game 4 of the league semi-finals after committing a really hard flagrant foul on Kevin Ferrer, which lead to his ejection and a fine from his own team.

The player was having a really strong season in Israel, leading the league in scoring with 24.5 points per game, but his attitude failed him once again. Now, with his contract voided by the team, it’ll be definitely more difficult for him to find a new contract for the next season. For many teams in Europe betting on him could be way too risky after so many pieces of evidence of his inability to control himself on & off the court.



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