Album Stream: Freddie Gibbs - Freddie | Def Pen
Freddie Gibbs

On Thursday night, the internet was buzzing with excitement and confusion about a post from Gary native, Freddie Gibbs. Freddie Gibbs released a video of himself acting as if he were a C-level R&B artist in a satirical commercial promoting his new album, Freddie. While the video itself appeared to be a joke, fans began to question if there was truth to the idea that Freddie Gibbs would be releasing an album called Freddie. At midnight, fans had their questions answered. Freddie Gibbs has successfully surprised his fans with a new project called Freddie.

While Freddie is not an R&B album, it is a successful follow-up to Gibbs’ 2017 album, You Only Live Twice. The ten track project displays Gibbs rapping at a high level. Complete with features from 03 Greedo, Cassie Jo Craig and Irie Jane Gibbs, Freddie is a reminder of the MC we have all become fans of over the years. The project doesn’t feature any R&B records, but it does feature Freddie Gibbs singing hooks on records like “Triple Threat” and “Diamonds 2”. The project also samples classic N.W.A hits on “Death Row”. To top it all off, fans can get classic Freddie Gibbs sounds on records like “Set, Set” and “Automatic”.

Check out the full album and satirical commercial from Gibbs above. Let us know what you think about the album.


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