Frankk Finesse Let It Go

There comes a point in your life where it’s best to let it go. Especially in a relationship with the opposite sex. As for Brooklyn native Frankk Finesse, he holds that same sentiment on his latest release.

In many instances, a relationship can be great or just toxic. Once you reach that moment where things get toxic, though, you might as well go your separate ways. Finesse drops ‘Let It Go’ and it is evident that he is letting the listeners know, that the lady he’s referring to didn’t value what he had to bring to the table.

Plot twist. He doesn’t negate the fact that he was dipping out as well but said Mistress doesn’t hold up to what she has to offer. This was all because she was showing out for those who weren’t there like he was from the beginning. Moral of the story is, never switch up on your day one. Instead of constantly hurting one another, just ‘Let It Go’.

‘Let It Go’ is picking up steam for Frankk Finesse as he posted on his Instagram account, the record was co-signed by Power 105.1’s own DJ Clue. Listen up, below..


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