Fashion Lessons from Oscar De La Renta | Def Pen
Nicola Fioravanti

Oscar de la Renta is a designer with an immediately recognizable, overarching aesthetic to his work. He’s not one for chasing trends or attempting to be ultra-modern; he follows his own path and has found great success with this approach.

Here are a few lessons we can all learn from his current clothing range, which might be useful if you are hoping to take your own wardrobe in a new direction.

Floral Prints are Always Fabulous

Seasons come and go, fashions rise and fall, but floral prints will never go out of style. It’s a mantra that this designer has adhered to over the years, and is definitely on-trend at the moment.

From full-length dresses by Oscar de la Renta picked out with colorful blooms contrasted against a neutral background, to smaller pieces like skirts and shirts that showcase flowers in a less dominant way, there are lots of options available. And whichever you pick, your look will undoubtedly be fresh and fab.

Bags Deserve Bling

If you’re spending a few thousand dollars on a bag, there’s no point opting for something that doesn’t scream and shout about your major investment with its look and feel.

Oscar de la Renta’s range of Swarovski crystal mini TRO bags is an excellent example of this. They have an undoubtedly feminine look, with a cross-body strap that’s long enough to be practical. And the fact that they are dripping with sparkling crystals makes them ideal for bling-lovers everywhere.

Unusual Earrings are Amazing

Anyone can pop on a pair of plain-old earrings and hit the town without much chance of turning heads. But why choose gold, silver or precious stones when you can take advantage of something a bit more outlandish and eye-catching?

The tassel earrings created by Oscar de la Renta epitomize this ethos, with their bright colors, beautiful materials, and overall unusualness.

These earrings also teach a valuable lesson about the importance of practicality and comfort in fashion; making something lighter and less noisy will appeal to people who don’t want their lobes dragged down and their ears deafened whenever they turn their head.

Embroidery is Awesome

Aside from the floral print products that this designer provides, there is also an impressive number of intricately embroidered evening-wear options in the range at the moment, each of which has something different to offer.

Velvet and lace creations provide the illusion of a sheer finish, while still keeping the wearer comfortable and covered underneath. Both natural patterns and more symmetric, modern looks are available, making this type of dress fit for any occasion and personal style ideology.

Classic Shapes are Cool

Perhaps the most important fashion lesson to learn from Oscar de la Renta is that the best clothes tend to stick to styles, shapes, and cuts that are firmly established.

Other designers attempt to take their creations to extreme new areas, but this just results in clothing that’s impractical and uncomfortable. The mixture of modern and traditional sensibilities keeps Oscar de la Renta out of this category.


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