Be Right Back
Mass Appeal Records

The Land star Erzi, formerly known as Ezzy, releases his new video entitled ‘Be Right Back.’ This is the title track from his upcoming EP be right back which will be available Oct. 27.

The video takes viewers on a journey in a day of being Ezri. It begins with him hanging out with friends and them getting into an argument that turns violent. Plotting revenge, while hesitant, E is getting calls from his mom and reflecting on the people who said he’s next. He struggles between riding with his crew and focusing on his own future.

The Nas signee actually co-directed the video with Ian Moore.

As a Cleveland alum, I’m SUPER proud of Ezri. It’s not often that you see an artist from the city make it on a large scale. I just hope that he keeps it going. With people like Nas and J. Cole helping him, E has only scratched the surface.

Peep the new video below. You can also see the tracklist for the upcoming EP below.

be right back Tracklist:

1. “you/me”
2. “underdog”
3. “satellite”
4. “live my life” feat. Key!
5. “came up”
6. “johnny dang”
7. “on & on”
8. “be right back”
9. “1/1?


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