Ezekiel Elliott
Ezekiel Elliott (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Ezekiel Elliott has recently been the subject of an investigation by both police and the NFL for his role in a domestic violence case from last July. The NFL has determined that they will indeed suspend the Dallas Cowboys star running back six games for his role in this incident.

Despite the Columbus City Attorney Office’s decision to not press charges against Elliott due to “conflicting and inconsistent information, the NFL can punish players even without legal charges due to its personal conduct policy.

The NFL’s investigation into Elliott’s misconduct determined they would suspend Zeke six games. Elliott is expected to appeal.

Following from Adam Schefter of ESPN and Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had ensured everyone there was no case against Elliott but the NFL found enough information to contrary and delivered the suspension. Elliott’s Cowboys teammate Dez Bryant also expressed that his running back would be fine.

Backup running backs Darren McFadden, Alfred Morris and Ronnie Hillman will all attempt to make a case during the Cowboys remaining preseason games to secure the starting job if Elliott’s suspension does indeed hold up.


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