Draymond Green
Draymond Green has a different opinion of Stephen Curry (David Richard/USA TODAY Sports)

Draymond Green is never one to not speak his mind. As the postseason approaches, Green becomes even more of a focus of the basketball world, as his Golden State Warriors once again are the nominal favorites to win the title.

This time, the subject of Green’s openness was Warriors’ teammates Stephen Curry. A two-time reigning MVP, Curry has transformed into a superstar, but it does not appear as though he has entered the fraternity of top players in the NBA. He often seems distant from the other top players in the league.

According to Green, that’s because his opponents have certain prejudices towards him, labeling him as soft due to his upbringing. Following transcribed by John Chick of The Score from Draymond’s podcast:

“People just automatically think that, ‘Man, this guy ain’t from the hood, he ain’t cut like that, he ain’t cut from a different cloth. He’s supposed to be soft and this, that,'” Green said recently on his Uninterrupted “Dray Day” podcast. “And of course, Steph is light-skinned, so they want to make him out to be soft.”

“He’s way more than what everyone expected him to be or ever gave him a shot to be,” he said.

This isn’t necessarily surprising. We’ve heard other tales of NBA stars having some disdain for Steph due to his meteoric rise in popularity the last few seasons. In a league with many players who have had rough upbringings and childhoods from a socioeconomic standpoint, it’s not really a shock that some perceive Curry to be privileged and therefore soft.

Obviously, Curry has proven his play on the court and that’s what matters. It doesn’t seem like he’s the type of player aiming to be more respected by his peers, especially not while his team attempts to build a dynasty around him.


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